Nickel and Dime Ops APAP Showcase Sat 1/7 5pm

Nickel and Dime Ops bring their brand of jazz/hip hop fusion to the APAP 2017. They will be featured in the Harlem Suite in the midtown Hilton (WJ3 records showcase) Saturday 1/7 5pm-5:30pm. 

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Subscribe to NDO’s SoundCloud to Keep Up w/ the Smoke Residency

Out of towers? 9-5ers? But still Nickel and Dimers? Now you can check out the band every week on SoundCloud! Every Friday we will be posting a recording of the entire show from the night before. It’s easy and free to stay in tune with us. Put on some headphones and listen to NDO at the gym, during your morning commute, cleaning the house, throw us on at the party. What ever you are into, we support it! soundcloud-screenshot
Subscribe here!

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6 Years at SMOKE – Special Event at Bitter End for Dime Ops

Jazz/hip hop fusion band Nickel and Dime Ops has proven themselves to be a staple in the New York City scene. They have now held down a weekly residency at the world renown jazz club, SMOKE, for 6 years and running as of September 1st this year.  The 9 piece super group has also put on some monumental performances at many of the great venues in the city as well.  Blue Note, Cutting Room, Joe’s Pub, Gin Fizz, to name a few. Over 300 shows and counting the band shows no signs slowing down, preparing to record their 3rd record this Fall.

Ever pushing the creative envelope, Nickel, along with Dime Ops All Stars Dezron Douglas and Chris Beck are preparing to put on a special event at the West Village fabled venue The Bitter End. They are calling this one time show The Art of Rhythm.  All 3 will exemplify their prolific talents as they explore rhythmic boundaries in one nonstop set featuring only drums, bass, and one MC.  They will go on at 11pm as headliners on Wednesday 9/7.  The night will also feature Dime Ops fan favorite Darius Christian with his band at 9pm and Nashville reggae/funk band Charge the Atlantic.





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Nickel Interviews with ShuffleBeat about Dime Ops, Music, and NYC!Interview-Nickel-and-Dime-Ops/jaop0/57afa6290cf2a89e6eb03dfcimage

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Nickel is Jack of all Trades in New Dime Ops Video

Nickel and Dime OPS has a new music video for their album “The Soulygamist.” The frontman of the group, Nickel, filmed the entire video selfie style on a one day trip from NYC to California and edited it with his iPhone 6. The song “Wheels Keep Spinning has been a fan favorite of Dime Ops fans. The lyrics and production are also by Nickel. Enjoy!

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“The Lemurian Candidate” Available Now Online!

A couple years ago my MHB brother Whichcraft and I decided to do a project together. For years him and I had worked together within the Money Hungry Bastards camp and I always found it a great pleasure to work with this very talented and progressive minded individual. As we began writing and recording it became apparent that this project was going to be special. The beats donated to the cause were of the highest level of boombappery. Lyrically we pushed each other to be the greatest we could be and complimented each other extremely well. Thought provoking concepts filled with esoteric wisdom and metaphorical mastery. Would you expect less? If you are a fan of true hip hop I challenge you to give this EP a chance. If you do not approve I will personally send you a refund check for the $6.94. That’s my guarantee. I invite you to enjoy “The Lemurian Candidate,” by Signz of Life.

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Interesting Facts About Nickel and Dime OPS

- Nickel and Dime OPS has had somewhere around 300 shows. Somewhere around 250 at SMOKE, as well as Blue Note NYC, The Cutting Room, Joe’s Pub, The Bitter End, Ginny’s, Zinc, Bowery Electric, Sullivan Hall, Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar, to name some most notable.
– In 5 years of performing we have featured many combinations of some the greatest jazz musicians on the NYC scene totaling in the area of somewhere around 130 different musicians, and over 200 if including those who sat in with us on the gig.
– The resume’s of these musicians feature names such as Alicia Keys, The Roots, D’Angelo, Amy Winehouse, Sting, Al Green, Mos Def, Common, Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin, President Obama, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Wu Tang, Bobby McFerrin, and many more.
– Special guests sitting in with us include Dr. Eddie Henderson (trumpet disciple of Miles Davis), Gregory Porter (Grammy Award winning vocalist), Jean Baylor (from Zhane), Jacky Terrason (world renown piano player), Dennis Davis (Stevie Wonder’s drummer), T-Bone Davis (Public Enemy’s drummer), Brandon Bizzy Hollemon (guitar player and producer for The Weekend, Mims, and more)
– Some notable audience members and supporters include George Clinton, Governor David Patterson, Michael Strahan, Tamara Tunie, Kwame, Franc D ‘Ambrosio aka The Phantom of the Opera, Devin Ratray aka Buzz from Home Alone.
– Nickel and Dime OPS has released 2 albums. Most recently, “The Soulygamist,” was produced and mixed by Ian Hendrickson-Smith who currently plays with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon, and has played with The Dap Kings, Al Green, Sharon Jones, and holds Grammys for his work with Amy Winehouse.
– Although the band is usually 9 pieces in total, Nickel and Dime OPS has had up to 17 players on stage at one time.
– Nickel and Dime OPS is the longest lasting weekly residency in NYC that features a hip hop band performing their own material and not open mic.
– Nickel and Dime is the second longest active residency at SMOKE following only Mike LeDonne who has held the position since 1999.
– Nickel and Dime has an international following with fans on every continent minus Antarctica. There might be some penguins out there bumping us too.
– The OPS stands for Operation.

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Nickel Releases First Video from Signz of Life Project

Aside from being frontman of Nickel and Dime OPS, Nickel 5 has been consistently recording with many MCs and producers throughout the years. One of his favorite collaborators has been Whichcraft of MHB. The 2 of them have come together to record a monstrous hip hop EP going under the alias, Signz of Life. Here is the video of their first single, “Stay for Awhile.” Enjoy and please share and spread the word. The EP, “The Lemurian Candidate,” will be for download soon. 

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Special Dime OPS Summer Events


Nickel and Dime OPS will continue their Thursday night residency at SMOKE this Summer approaching 5 years at the world renowned jazz club. They will also make some special appearances in NYC during the time span. You can check out Nickel and the crew live at The Bowery Electric 7/6 at 10pm, Shapeshifter in Brooklyn 7/26 at 8pm, and The Blue Note 8/29 at 12am. Shaping up to be a fun and exciting season for the Dime OPS. Make sure you catch some of these special events. Tickets are available at the venue’s websites.

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Dime OPS Animation Airs Online

Nickel and Dime OPS second video from their album “The Soulygamist” has aired in a unique fashion. NYC’s Jazz/hip hop fusion authority has put together a completely animated music video for their latest single “The Cure.”   Check out Nickel, Madam Secretary, and the band defeating evil doers using their instruments as weapons! The entire album is available here on the website.

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