2017 a New Horizon for Dime Ops

In 2013 Nickel and Dime Ops was steam rolling their way through the NYC scene, playing many of the city’s legendary venues. This was culminated by the release of their sophomore album “The Soulygamist,”produced by The Roots’ saxophonist, Ian Hendrickson-Smith. The party to celebrate the occasion was held at The Cutting Room, in epic fashion. 

In 2014, the unexpected happened.  Several of the Dime Ops’major players had to step back from the band, citing various personal issues, including musical director David Gibson.  Undaunted, Nickel pushed forward and regrouped around a new core of musicians, lead by saxophonist, Jason Marshall and pianist Willerm Delisfort. The result was a new synergy amongst the younger cast of players. This has resulted in a more free sound, that can be described as playful, soulful, with more of a hip hop edge.

2017 marks a new age for the jazz/hip hop fusion band. The Dime Ops crew has been rehearsing, preparing to record an album of entirely new music.  The still untitled full length is slated to be released just before Summer. To promote the new music, the band is currently working to put together tours on the East and West Coast, as well as Europe. “We’ve really cooked up something amazing for our fans, and are excited release this project.” says band leader, Nickel. One thing is certain, a fresh new sound is brewing within the Dime Ops camp.  Stay tuned. 

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