6 Years at SMOKE – Special Event at Bitter End for Dime Ops

Jazz/hip hop fusion band Nickel and Dime Ops has proven themselves to be a staple in the New York City scene. They have now held down a weekly residency at the world renown jazz club, SMOKE, for 6 years and running as of September 1st this year.  The 9 piece super group has also put on some monumental performances at many of the great venues in the city as well.  Blue Note, Cutting Room, Joe’s Pub, Gin Fizz, to name a few. Over 300 shows and counting the band shows no signs slowing down, preparing to record their 3rd record this Fall.

Ever pushing the creative envelope, Nickel, along with Dime Ops All Stars Dezron Douglas and Chris Beck are preparing to put on a special event at the West Village fabled venue The Bitter End. They are calling this one time show The Art of Rhythm.  All 3 will exemplify their prolific talents as they explore rhythmic boundaries in one nonstop set featuring only drums, bass, and one MC.  They will go on at 11pm as headliners on Wednesday 9/7.  The night will also feature Dime Ops fan favorite Darius Christian with his band at 9pm and Nashville reggae/funk band Charge the Atlantic.





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