One for the Team

I can’t keep my mind stuck on passed days/ I got some better ones coming
Just know that I always keep my head up/ never catch me running
Well I couldn’t tell you what you’re thinking about/ but it better be something now
Something to say you better let it out/ no more faking and fronting now

Passion never letting up/ smashing every record up/ in tune with the universe while the rest of yall just checking up/ Or checking in while the DJ record spin/ I never rock no leopard skin/ I’m like a carpenter I step it up/ I pressed my luck too many times to my advantage/ sighting statements that’s outlandish/ as I serenade this canvas / searching for some answers/ damaging war machines/ and their lowly propagandas/ wake up its just a dream!

You see this lust is insatiable this drive murder mics/ It’s funny cuz Killsmics seems to want to kill Mike/
And if I don’t learn to chill it might/ because this life is delicate/ that’s why the Third Reich is hunting down those with the third sight/ while my soul burns bright like light shown through a prism/ won’t except this as a prison/ frequencies risen to new heights/ with some of you it’s lights and camera but no action/ think you know it all but you’re not Bo Jackson/ while you’re at home relaxing I’m waxing off villains/ climbing up a slippery hill and your shoes got no traction/ Faking jacks instead of facing the truth/ I’m in the booth spacing about lies that need erasing/ feeling my heart racing/ adrenaline rushing/ Someone about to press the button/ ecosystems that weigh nothing/ Watching time get suspended/ Leave this book open ended while I’m plotting my next heist

What You See

I’m in an ambiguous state surrounded by binary stars/I attack the highest mountain peak but I never climb far/
I try hard to be an angel but I’m not Aybar/ so stick it in your Pujols/ you’re off balance like Tony Two Toes/ I’m heading south a duffle bag of cash to Acopulco/ Not Joey Buttafucco but I got ladies that’s cuckoo/ I’m home practicing WuShu then moving on to Weng Chuing/some choose to bang drums while I choose to murder mics/ determined to burn tonight unlike the preachy sermon type/
I keep it hot I make the furnace right thatsneaky vermin sight/ I’m hip to them beedy eyes/that’s not cream that’s TCBY/ hope I get shot on TVlive so the world can see me die/
Skeevy guys want to see me die they’ll never keep me down/ Because I got that freaky sound and their music got me sleepy now/
Watch me turn their PeePee brown from rapid kidney shots/Subliminally lude messages like hidden in Disney shots

First it’s one way then it’s on to the next/ What you see ain’t always what you get/
No sense in panicking or getting upset/ What you see ain’t always what you get (chorus)

See socially I’m seen as obscene and unacceptable/ I’m completely unsusecptable put your words in the receptacle/ Mom made me eat my vegetables while you’re completely unprofessional/ The challenge is unsymmetrical/ you probably got no testicles/ Considerably unethical geometrical shapeshifters/ Might be an 8 on the richter but I can repaint this picture / One half Rembrandt and one half Redman/ Vincent Van Gogh as a young graffiti vandal/ And I got plenty of ammo/ My M.O.’s to end yo predetermined disposition about this hip hop I’m spittin/ No counterfeiting plagurizing/ create your own horizon/ can hear me now? Verizon/ yo I’ll poke both your eyes in/ Stop judging with your vision and start listening/ Got accounts hidden in Switzerland/ jog eight miles in Michigan/ Exercising discipline when I don’t squash the insects/ They bite and go for blood and I know they out of syntax/ While this music impacts the whole globe on many facets/Right of passage to the masses while they bottom feeders like catfish/ I’m a shark this your Atlas/ get your asses correct/ or the last thing you’ll recollect is this teeth hitting your neck!

I’m low end driven but I’m high end minded / Some say I’m unforgettable but I’m hardly ever reminded/ Tracks are rewinded out of sheer disbelief/ A firm believer/ Give or receiver now who’s the thief?/ I can’t get no relief/ Look beneath all surfaces / Keep it clean all purposes/ While your hanging on to worthlessness/ This ain’t the circus it’s a real live freak show / You don’t like it down the street think there’s a lame French bistro

Death of Superman

You don’t gotta be Superman no more baby/ I need you more than those people/ All of those people/ You see the world don’t love you like I do/ Not like I do (Chorus)

Return to the hideout after another tough crime bout / sure I was knocking their lights out but I’m still having my doubts.
If they knew who I was they’d ice out my friends my family / for foiling their evil plots and correcting calamity / some say saving humanity is insanity ego driven / that I’m only meddling I should be one with those that are living / Those with normal lives that they were given / I’m different I have a gift / wouldn’t it be selfish of me to disappear off in the mist? / My girl kisses my lips admits to her self centered ways / says when I’m off fighting these villains she don’t sleep or eat for days / my eyes big all amazed baby girl stop playing/ tears streaming down her face wiped with a napkin she starts saying


So I dropped out of sight
/ tried to reconfigure my life / soon after the bad guys strike looking for me to pick a fight / I crept off in the night knowing exactly what I was doing
You should of seen the looks on these punks faces when I flew in!!/
You see I’m pretty sure this is how it’s supposed to be. This worlds in need of my attention they deserving the most of me / this is no ghost you see I am a living incarnation / I could hear her heart start racing as I told her start facing / who it is that I am looking up at the stars gazing/
The fact that we made it this far some do truly find amazing
I’ve fought aliens with laser beams coming right out of their eyes
At least I knew what it was I was up against / Woman’s attacks come in disguise/ I might be king of the skies but she’s queen up hear in the home front/ Had me reconsidering my actions telling me what I did was a dumb stunt
Asked her what it was that want/ she knew who I was when she met me/
In fact, I saved her life falling off that building looking all sexy.
She said :

When will i ever learn soon as I made that final turn/ Lex Luthor returned intent on making these schools burn/
I’m keeping my stance firm/ trying to come off not concerned/ This is why we started looking for new spots out in Mt. Vernon/ Let be known as soon as I was plotting how to sneak out of the home / she came from the back room with my super suit/ Said to get going /
She said I would never be alone
Just to be there when she needs me/
I love the look on these jokers’ faces when they jump up and they see me/
I destroy those that are greedy and blinded and power hungry
Those putting money before the good of their country/ they so ugly/ Yo this world that we live in / protecting what’s best for the children/
Can’t mad every time I got no time to be chillin/ and she said :

Work Order

No turning back now man we crossed the border/ Don’t need no work order it’s the fourth quarter/ Got lots of people that believing in me par/ Why would you think the words that leave my mouth would be three stars?/ You must be dealing with these rejects and retards\ My flows right like fat chicks rocking some leotards/ We keep em bouncing like some bunnies on Easter/ Not from a southern land like we Donald and Keifer/ It’s up north flow that makes your torso/ Wiggle for a little couple minutes or so/ We strong like He-Man they only Orko/ Rock in sign language espanol or morse code/ See me stop rapping?\ That could never happen/ It’s like Morgan Freeman up and just stopped acting/ In a fraction of a second you can see who I am/ Verses. With a purpose sweet as candied yams

If the big boss said it then it must be done/ Golly gee wiz shit damn son of a gun/ You been doing this a while or you just begun?/ If the big boss said it then it must be done/ I searched this planet and looked for clues/ Told mysel God damn it man I ain’t no fool/ When it came down to it only found one truth/ If the big boss said it baby it’s a do (Chorus)

I’m in too deep but not deep enough/ tried to earn my keep but can’t keep it up/ Walk the line like John Cash with my secret love/ And my dreams stay lucid if I do sleep at all/ Trying to catch them Z’s?/ I’m trying to catch benjis/ So my fam can have plenty for centuries/ Not a Bentley/ Tired of being tenth seed/ I want my own hemp trees/ Don’t envy the MC my energy’s on empty/ I work hard for this/ and flow marvelous/ And that’s just part of it/ I’m a rap artist with a raised arm and fist/ That means that I speak to these crooked politicians and corrupt police/ Chief Wiggum’s pie flippin damn right we gonna hit him/ George Bush sells crack that’s why we combat/ Trying to make contact/ Is your radio on?/ Nake them woofers go smack when you’re playing this song


Is like to have a life filled with laughs/ I wouldn’t mind a chance to unwind/ Once in a while it’d be nice to smile/ Have a snack and relax/ enjoy the sunshine/ It might be ill to sit back and chill/ It could be nice on these warm summer nights/ Walk around dime piece in my hand tell myself everything is going to be alright/ But if I don’t say something then who gonna say something?/ I got a knack for this rapping I can get this place bumping/ I tell you something, revolution is near/ And I’m going to have to ride out like I’m Paul Revere/ I got an army full of modern day minutemen/ Our uniforms are hoodies and Timberlands/ We don’t get in by 10/ Protect the innocent/ And ain’t afraid to scream loud like Sam Kinneson/ And I’m trying to be the sour apple/ But this shit is titanic like Leonard DeCapprio/ How these assholes became the king of the castle kind of seems unrational/ I’m talking Bush or Castro/ or any motherfucker that the people don’t love/ Trying to take the power back like Leroy from Sho’nuff/ Always on the defense like they got the gold glove/ Til this wound is sowed up cold blood



I chose this rap life it didn’t choose me/ Choice is kicking my ass just like a Bruce Lee movie/ Man it’s 2G Y2K done past son/ Attack the mic not Christ but got the same type of passion/ Cash fund is limited/ outlook I riveting/ Live life without inhibitions I put that on my everything/ So my seed can have better things trust my heart and I follow it/ The joy of MCing freedom of speech free from politics/ Are we free or just the opposite?/ Do we really have control?/ When the forces of the cold drop you in sub zero cold/ make a diamond out of coal/ Attack my goals like Beckham/ Drop flows for wandering souls/ Grab mics and I wreck em/ I’m a slave to the passion/ a slave to the reason/ Episodes start with a Fall like the latest cable season/ Blaze trees that call it treason/ You can’t question my commitment/ It’s the purpose of my life check the verses that I spit man

Have you ever thought this could be so simple?/ That you could ever build something monumental/ Drop me a beat give me paper and a pencil/ I’m digging deep you can call it Existential

This is for all my hard working drop the beat and their heads jerking/ Street urchins those who grind until they feet hurting/ Easy dream merchants thinking they already made it/ Hip hop efficianados bumping MF Doom and Jay Lib/ Lyricism has been reinstated/ Nickel’s the new commissioner/ Stay cool like air conditioner while shit gets hairy like Chrishna/ Not for those that do a fist pump/ For those that throw they fist up/ Bitch what?! You know my history I make em piss blood/ Bang! Right in the kisser/ This ain’t the Honeymooners/ Responsible for my actions have no time for ugly rumors/ Gossip consumers/ That’s how you get tumors and your eyes swell/ Got Socrates philosophy so Plato knowing thyself/ Probably drink Henny and NyQuil getting rowdy and faded/ Why do the good die young but the bad are accommodated?/ Sometimes I contemplate it takes all types of the spectrum/ Choir boys stick up artists those running for election/ When the reaper comes for collection/ and my tombstone is etched out/ It’ll say the realist ever to grab the mic on Earth/ No doubt

Maintain control because my body is my temple/ Rock something lovely check the rhythm and the tempo/ Banging your heads mad hard since the intro/ We digging deep you can call it existential.

So who am I? Just another mic wrecker?/ I made moves across the globe you should give me double checkers/ Hannibal Lector I’m an MC cannibal/ I stop wars before they happen leave their guns and cannons full/ Rock over drums like was Animal/ But fuck it I’m no Muppet. Still wishing you kept Melo like the fans of Denver Nuggets?/ I’ll never kick the bucket man my words will always live on/ The world is moving fast like young ladies getting hit on/ That’s why I choose to get my spit on/ Really you want something deeper/ politics don’t make a difference religion is seeming cheaper/ Stings sweet like bee keepers and yo money is the honey/ My destiny is similar to those of a crash dummy/ People acting funny nowadays I never realized/ To be the greatest version of self you gotta find out where the joy lies/ Heard what I said?/ To be the greatest version of self you gotta find out where the joy lies

Shadow of Man

He walks with me at night under the light’s protection/ My opposite my body guard my false direction/ Mirrors every movement never competition/ My companion man at arms on a constant mission/ Makes up my composition/ Maybe a contradiction/ Maybe the darkest part of me don’t scare the opposition/ This the authentistic, but the logistics don’t match/ Weighing scales of right or wrong can be a difficult task/ Seen my worst he don’t laugh/ Our understanding is humble/ That’s my mans like it or not he never mumbles/ Don’t want no drum roll keep it incognito/ The shadow of man rocking in the black tuxedo

Unravelling the mystery of shadow of man can clearly be hard to understand/ I’m traveling with my right hand man he got my back yo that’s my shadow man 2X (Chorus)

There’s been times I some things that I can’t admit to/ I’m like everybody else man we all got issues/ Some men can tear metal right through human tissue/ Or maybe pistol whip you/ Fire ballistic missiles/ Some are superficial/ Their personality traits/ causing pain breaking hearts/ check fatality rates/ Not for reality’s sake/ Just for shits and giggles/ Shallow and vain/ Their whole train of thought is dribble/ Yo peep these words I scribble/ This burden on my shoulders/ I’m like Duke and Snake Eyes trying to murder Cobra/ I mean Commander hold up/ You gots to hand it over/ That’s the attitude they having using force like Yoda/ I’m chilling in the corner/ I got my shadow with me/ My silhouette might kill you next for a dollar fifty/ Right now he’s not too picky/ These times are getting tricky/ At 5 o’clock he’s breaking out to sip exotic whiskey/ That’s right my partner’s with me at all times after dark/ Wonder if he’s coming with me or its death do us part/ There from the start he’s my oldest sibling/ The keeper of my secrets this covert living

Some live their lives struggling with good and evil/ Regular people/ Check their hearts their Fahrenheit is 3-2/ They don’t see you they don’t see past themselves/ Auto-robberies/ They gat and ski mask themselves/ Here at our darkest moment/ But still I can’t disown it/ Somehow it sparks a part of me that keeps me omnipotent/ So once the words are spoken I can never go back/ I know the villain always loses every episode jack/ Sometimes I see red but I revert to code black/ Try to paint a different picture but can’t fool the Kodak/ Gold plaques sold crack or worked at OPEC/ Fallen angels turned demonic trying to get their souls back/ How they not know that they never really left them?/ Eh yo we walk amongst the shadows for our own protection/ This is the oldest question/ And we ain’t learned our lesson/ Presenting power points on anti-depressants/ I’m sending out this message it’s no SOS/ Some will get it some are hopeless/ Me? I’m no stress/ Not my own flesh my shadow doesn’t falter/ Can’t be bribed or blackmailed not taking any offers

Richie da Rider

Hyenas and lemurs/ Vultures and Jackals/ Shamans and witches/ In the distance hear them cackle?/ Locked down in shackles/ Been caged for too long/ Start my day smoking haze bacon eggs a cup of Oolong/ Business men with fancy suits on/ They’re not always trying to do wrong/ Can’t blame them for getting they move on wanna pass that Grey Poupon/ Not their fault we’re cutting coupons/ There’s always protons neutrons/ Burns my neck I got a noose on/ Still trying to catch the truth son/ That’s why I’m blessed with two lungs a big mouth some balls of steel/ Like Segal when Under Seige Above the Law and Hard to Kill/ Gargamels and Azraels could never storm my village/ Took high ground where the hill is/ I’m weary of over zealous/ Some are greedy some are jealous/ I relish their short comings/ I focus my energy apply my lyrics to chords strumming/ Believe this is worth something/ That’s why I’m so relentless/ That’s why eyeballs follow me every time I make an entrance

Tell me why does it have to be this way? Why can’t you make a life all on your own? Why you got your eyes all up on my things? Richie the rider.

Damn. And I’m just trying to do me/ While these opportunist females out there trying to do me/ It’s cool with me you wanna kick it like Chun-Li, but I ain’t giving nothing free I reinvented a new me/ I’m repping rap like I’m Kool G, and this shit’s not cool/ How these hip hop fools got they grips on my prized jewels/ Rip through beats like a typhoon, while you’re never putting work in/ Your presence is irrelevant they’ll be quoting me til the Earth’s end/ Serpents and reptiles/ informants and exiles/ dwell on surface like textiles/ it’s funny I’m getting less smile/ Probably give your next child, first born to reach my status/ Exposing you back stabbers above average in mathematics/ So when shit’s not adding up that means that I’m not having it/ Don’t throw dart I throw a javelin/ Door to door Christmas caroling with my name in your mouth/ is something you need to sort out you burnout because it turns out/ When words leave my mouth people stop and pay attention/ So you don’t stop and pay attention I’ll stop giving an extension/ Remember we were friends when this whole thing started/ Before I had something to market/ and you were just a marxist/ As I blossomed as an artist noticed a change in dynamics/ All of a sudden you’re a capitalist? Enough with the semantics/ I’m sort of like Jackie Chan flicks/ I do all my own stunts/ And fight scenes/ This one I’m about to do for fun


Pathetic creatures parasitic in nature/ latching to truth seeks lowly liars and fakers/ Identity takers/ vampireous entities/ enemies they steal your energy/ your friends will offer remedies/ Number 7 straight from Tennesse/ Keep your chemistry balanced/ The challenge is to silence your critics before they establish/ Deliberate in malice keep callous develop a thick skin/ Before yo making them lips spin ask yourself what you risking/ Does he roll dirty like Pigpen/ Like clockwork like he’s Big Ben/
Is it cool how this shit’s been is he approaching at his wits end? Talking shit out of which end? Should you resend your decision? Check your vision. Are you really prepared for this collision?


The Cure

This is a straight from the soul take over the roll over/ All these old flow comb-overs it’s cold shoulders/ It’s all over for all you opened toe loafers/ Getting stomped my boots I don’t talk this is not Oprah/ I just smile like the Joker burn your eye with a hot poker/ You chewed up stock broker/ suit and tie with a pac poster/ Stop you are not closer/ It’s a never ending hampster wheel/ Likes who puff tobacco wondering what cancer will/ Feel like your standing still/ Your bubble gum and candy skills/ and until the day I die, my flows so hard that it can damage drills/ Man it’s ill, damn it if rants could kill/ Your mouth is getting numb like you took a can of Ambesol/ Maybe the panic is still setting in/ This circle that I’m repping in/ Storm the border like a bunch of hungry mexicans/ Alert the president/ the army and the residents/ if the pestilence evident then this music is our medicine

(Chorus) This is the cure for the common raps. They’re taking over the globe so no we taking it back. 2X

Since the dawn of creation they said this time would come/ That the all seeing nation would bash their heads with some. Money hungry deviants thats how the West was won/ That’s why I lie awake sleepless feeling restless son.
While your MPs and soldiers are relying on Folders/ to keep their eyes open our sharp shooters are steady scoping/ You lost hope when you saw what you were up against/ Realized the grass was greener with your head kicked through the fuckin fence/ But still I ask myself what’s up with the rent? Cuz I’m living hand to mouth rubbing 2 cents til I got nothing left/ You’re bluffing hence I gotta up the ante/ Because your likeness is uncanny between you and trannie/ Cool it take a Zanny/ Man your camis just don’t scare me/ Hands are kind of clammy nervous laugh just like the Nanny Frannie/ Favorite words? Panties probably followed by money/ Might be crummy I’m dummy/ Can’t be bummy with no honies/ Still I fight the good fight/ Day and Night like Im Kid Cud/ And the shit you spit’s ugly/ I attack beats like they stole from me/ I’m so lovely man Miss Universe is jealous/ Penicillin from that chick you with/ That’s syphilis in your piss


It was said that there would be a league of champions/ Those that pinpoint the source from where the insanity come. Eliminate the limit ego and vanity brung/ And it begun, and it begun.
You’re the disease I’m the cure/ I’m the land your just a tremor/ I’m the dilemna that you’re facing every day on your agenda/ I’m no pretender I’m the tenth of September/ Something you wish you didn’t remember/ no retreat no surrender/ I’m one member of a clan of ninjas who dismember/ Anything that stands in our way it all crazy in the end bruh/ I’m uncut/raw/ flawless the clean profit/ prophesize when this is over you’ll be happy you couldn’t stop it/ Because things change just like some pictures in a locket/ of a schizophrenic woman who got many boyfriend option/ You’ll see when this is over/ the sonnet that we concocted saved the world from becoming to monotonous.


Wheels Keep Spinning

Open my eyes and assess my surroundings hoping for change but find nothing too astounding
Heart pounding from these dreams I had / guess I should be grateful it could be 3 X bad/ I could try to point fingers I never seen my dad / but I don’t believe in excuses so if it seems I’m mad/ then you see my bad that’s just that urban city youth shit / as I get a little older I start to understand that’s useless / if the shoe fits wear it / a toothpick and a parrot don’t make you a pirate so stop acting all violent / get voted off the island without even trying / but I’m a survivor I’m steady stock piling
medical supplies and canned food Guns and ammo
so need to book em Danno
Let me take charge of this fammo
The only bookings you should making is for a dime ops gig.
Wish I could go back and change mistakes like this was Time Cop kid

Every time I think I make up a little ground I fall back Wheels Spinning round and round

Every time I think I make up a little ground I fall back Wheels Spinning round and round

I take a little bit from over here then I put it over there now over here don’t got it / eye on the target bullseye I shot it / eternal sunshine over a mind that’s spotless/like my record the spinning / still don’t seem to be winning/
Helping the world might get you no where you should ask John Lennon
Maybe it’s the whiskey and women or all that that boom boom boom
Only time you caught me sleepin in the cradle and the tomb
Just like the name of this tune man gears keep turnin / too many years i been determined to eradicate these vermin
Preaching my sermon without practicing / got kicked off the show after being cast again outta ink smash the pen / all out of cash again
these rhymes I mastered in got me all passionate am I a sadomasochist doing this to myself? Or is it all out of my control and really nothing I could help? Smoking the bomb with Michael Phelps living for self can’t do it / without me too many lives could be ruined / keep on perusing/getting back up on my horse/ let nature take its course or you’ll be crawling on all fours. Of course


I had my homie once tell me when we got in this game. That the more things change the more things stay the same. You can try rack your brain and recalibrate your aim but if you can’t crack these chains accept the fact that u staying
No matter how calculated Maybe you just are what you are. A car only drive so far. You can try to catch a plane to stars but you might deceragrate Murphy’s Law for non creatives that imitate And emulate


You Were Always There

A different realm/ When L.L. was still rocking bells/ Before Smiff n Wessun and Reggie would blaze L’s/ I was a kid not even 12/ Plenty cassettes on my shelf/ Public Enemy to many wasn’t poppin that weasil/ Fascinated by these that break your neck like they Ezel/ Back when crack went to retail I payed attention to detail/ My only pops Big Daddy Kane pretty certain that he failed because I became Criminal Minded nobody answered to please help/ So had to help myself even when times got rough/ Run DMC reminded me to be leather/ I’m so tough/ I’d approach the gates of Hell they’d be scared to open up/ These villains thinking they Sho’nuff but they’re not even showing up/ So this song’s for you hip hop thought you should know what’s up/ Without you growing up this world might of cold crushed a motherfucker/ I thank God that you were always there

(chorus) You were always there, you were always there, you were always there for me 4X

I remember right before Pac and Big got shot/ Ice T was catching some slack talking about pig got popped/ no cell back in the day it was a pager that you rocked/ never imagined an MHB or a Nickel and Dime OPS/ Some of my people blasted heat but was’t packing in my crotch I rock hip hop like Z 24s I don’t stop/ Let me reminisce a little/ I’m like CL and Pete Rock/ after Black Moon got the props that’s when I left my mama’s spot/ Without a reasonable doubt this is a life of hard knocks/ it might be me against the world I’m ready to die if it’s not/ Had the radio station locked on 97.1/ now you the antidote I need when they be feeding me poison/ It’s funny these shook ones/ moment of truth it was written/ entering 36 chambers smoking on chronic can/ motivate you to start spittin and time keeps on ticking/ the music is soul food like mac n cheese and fried chicken


The one that raised me/ was always there/ since I was a baby and no one cared/ she was my mama he was my papa/ they held me down all this time I faced the drama
2000 came and things started to change/ One day some buildings met some planes and everything turned strange/ In many ways the hip hop game started struggling the same/ Went from Wu Tang to Lil Wayne/ From Outkast to T-Payne/ it’s a low down dirty shame what they did to your name and your image/ But me I didn’t care made the microphone an appendage/ And I rock it so splendid/ Cut up syllables need a bandage/ No time to assess the damage I just keep painting on my canvas/ Props to soldiers in the barracks/ Talib Mos and Dilla/ Pharoah Monche The Roots Common and Ghostface Killa/ Not a customer or a dealer/ what’s realer than rhymes with soul? Rock it so ice cols/ Anxious to the the future told.


Machines Don’t Love

Emerge thru the clouds down there it’s still overcast
Still dependent on Roman cash
Solar Flares don’t look at em
Can’t even fathom how thick that the wool is
Pulled Over your eyes they makin these sheep Look foolish
No idea what cool is they walk around in disguise acting like one of us
Abusing our common trust o
I got my eye on these son of a’s
Bitches of Eastwick I rock the boat til they sea sick no love for the
FCC click
They cleared the channel of artistic integrity but my words have longevity their foundation has been weakened
By people like us thats truth speaking don’t let em shut down the web if we do then their web of lies will will be the start of a Genocide of free minds everywhere

(chorus) You see machines don’t love ah uh machines don’t love

Thought suppressing drugs divied out by your pharmacist but the ones expanding your consciousness still remain illegal
Isn’t it obvious they want to keep us feeble how could we rebel stuck in our shell TiVoing shows from the regal beagle
Find inner peace like Sifu Po people have real chances to be the gods they were intended
Heavenly bodies The divine essence here to interpret these life lessons
situation that im addressing part of an age old question
wondering why we’re even here.
Let these words ring clear resonate in your subconscious I know these obstacles might seem monstrous
Rid yourself of worry and fear
And while your stuck at your work conference or immobile inching thru traffic When you get it you’ll start laughing it was right in front of your nose
addicts squatting in the attic starving and they got no clothes
This is an analogy for they souls lost stuck on an island ready to get violent when the others come around
That’s why I remain underground
Poised to lead this revolution
Too much noise pollution how can you hear yourselves think?!
Pour yourself a drink turn this up to highest level no need to keep civil tonight Zion don’t sleep. And up above theres not a peep cuz The machines don’t love.


Im a proud proloteriat never watched no Ozzie Harriet this burden that I carrying it’s all worth while
Gladly sacrifice my life for the world to see the light ascending to new heights just cuz you like me style
Executions with no trial getting your phone lines tapped in pursuit of a faceless enemy
Aware of my space right in front of me you should be so too cuz you never know suddenly your life might change
In the blink of an eye too commonly we overlook whats most important health and happiness of you and your own gettin your brain transplanted into a body you had cloned suggest you respect your home we only got this go around some choose to hoe around while some choose to devote love. Whatever phases I’m going thru I choose to never shed blood unless it’s blue this is a military cue what would their military do if we all rose against em? Why you think they want us droppin our guns my 3rd eye senses em comin.


War in Peace

This is that reverse psych gully rap for those that want the bully back/ The skully hat the backpack with the baggy jeans to match/ Cool and calm when I attack in fact it’s just an illusion/ A glitch in your consciousness when you’re bogged down with confusion/ My New Year’s resolution is still every year the same/ to take hold of the game and save her like Lois Lane/ When she about to become a stain on a Metropolis sidewalk/ Something you want to listen to like girls overhearing guy talk/ Luke Skywalker man I never lost solo/ if I did I’d keep on regardless thats word to Freddie Soto/ Never no more though Quasimoto getting his bell rung/ I seldom eat it raw nowadays like my shit well done/ with patience shall come rewards to get reaped/ Explains why every week you see me playing for keeps/ A warrior at peace picking and choosing my battles/ No time to dilly daddle while my people treated like cattle

(chorus) You say you always trying to make things better but you never do/ Some say they want change but they never do what they wanted to/ They say war and peace to things that can’t co-exist/ So what is this? What is this?

Just because I plat the peacekeeper that don’t mean I got a pace maker/ I change your behavior like the first time you taste Jager. A caged sabor when you thought you were extinct/ Your woman in all day labor when all you wanted was pink/ How can I promise anything? Reconnaissance think differently/ Imagery in my head epic like Speilberg trilogies/ Some of yall not feeling me, I’m really not concerned/ I’ve been fighting for my survival since the day that pops shot the sperm/ Although I never got a perm my soul glows like Darryl’s fam/ Strawberrie fillings for you Anna Mays and Carolannes/ Star striped Americans on carivans to Sheepshead/ No pity for these fools thats something that Mr. T said/ he said she said counter-ballistic technology/ human beings hardly evolving you should study anthropology/ Not issuing apologies for these words that I speak/ Frequencies hit you deep/ Like creatures from 20 leagues beneath the CIA/ I’m guessing they probably watching/ I should probably stop talking/ Think I’m blowing it out of proportion/ Not monitoring your portions? Companies out-sourcing/ non-harmonious wheels of fortune head caution


Just because I’m at peace with myself that don’t mean that I back down/ i put the smackdown on your crackdown be the whole talk of the town/ Think you’re big walking around mean mugging and ice grilling/ that really ice in your vains or just that creamy ice filling?


The Promise

I treat my lady like a queen bee but not Kim/ More like Sheba or Nefertiti I’m rushing in/ I know you see me making CDs and busting gems/ I’m being real you don’t believe me/ They’re nothing friends/ girl acquaintances it’s you I’ve been anxious with/ I’ve been patient with so let me paint this pic/ If you could ever sanction this maybe I’d lace your wrist/ or whatever these kids are saying now this life is a trip/ I could never be deceitful not for a faceless kiss/ plus I could definitely guarantee the basic 6/ That’s love food sex money the keys to the whip or at the crib watching flicks/ I got some tix to the Knicks/ I hear that Kobe’s in town so don’t be pulling no tricks/ That shit’s for kids I’m all grown it’ll make me possibly split/ You think I’m trying to be slick/ but I just gotta be honest/ I never been known to break a promise

(chorus) It’s what you do/ It’s not what you know/ You’re supposed to do/ So where do we go from here? 2X

I made an executive decision to never do what they do. Back when this whole thing started and we were bumping The Roots/ I sat back and watched the champagne the dancing in suits/ these cold killer campaigns fronted by drugs and tattoos/ From Pasta Noose to Papoose/ All these Bigs and Lils/ but me I never changed i just tried to stay civil/ Stuck in the middle od a squabble/ I don’t wobble/ I don’t teeter I’m steady running through your speakers/ Cheeba inspired lectures/ Sharing small excerpts/ Lessons from my life hope they alleviated pressure/ Yes sir all of my efforts fully devoted/ My fans know it/ Their sediments are duly noted/ So it’s appropriate that procreate/ maybe make some music together we can co-create/ a brand of hip hop that’s refreshing as a cold V8/ And we can rinse away the past like it’s a soapy plate/ All this dope we make is strictly not for profit/ Always done it for the heart and I promise I’ll never stop it/ falling off topic/ or maybe I’m right on/ once in a while I can flex these pythons/ Right?


I realize more than likely could of done better than this/ Kept up on phone calls emails/ letters and gifts/ Whether I loved you was irrelevant/ How I upped and left town no more pop ins for the hell of it/ For dreams I lost out on many relationships/ Half the time these past years not even in the states and shit/ Now I gotta face my kids/ Explain why daddy’s not home/ See when daddy enters the room he don’t leave til the spots blown/ Now you’ve gone and got grown/ well you go little man/ Cuz you ain’t gonna be like us selling these rhymes and kilograms/ It’s killing me fam/ I promise it’ll be all worth it/ When it’s over I gues thats subject to interperet



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