The Soulygamist cover

“The Soulygamist”

The first official release under the band name, Nickel and Dime OPS, The Soulygamist is a documentation of Nickel and his NYC jazz fused hip hop band at their best. 100% live, with no samples, the album is a soulful musical union anchored strong in the hip hop pocket by Nickel’s lyrics, that takes eclectic twists and turns throughout as the great musicians of the Dime OPS each take their moments to demonstrate their own musical talents. The entire sound is gelled together by the sultry harmonies added by Madame Secretary, Victoria Cave, along with Alej Sierra and Eliki. The LP recording is 61 minutes, has 13 tracks, 7 of the bands best live tunes, plus 6 new songs never before recorded. The Soulygamist is a soulful, musical, hip hop carnival that you need in your collection!

The Disease, the Cure, and the Promise - Nickel Killsmics

“The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise”

When not performing with the band, Nickel spends his time writing, recording, and producing with a global affiliation of MCs and beat makers, which he is one the founding members of, known as MHB.  His latest album release, “The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise,”  is a direct reflection of these collaborations.  The album is guaranteed to please hip hop purists, featuring beats from ColomBeyond, Kiza, Abstract, Mr. Cord, Sinister Marks, Rude of The Rukus, DrumBoy, as well as Nickel.  There are great lyrical cameos throughout the entire 59 minute LP from Citizen Kane, WhichCraft, Masai Bey, MK Discrete, L.I.F.E.LONG, The Rukus, Mr. Cord and WolfGang as well as vocal appearances from Victoria Cave, Alej Sierra, Eliki, and Alan Leatherman.

The Disease, the Cure, and the Promise - Nickel Killsmics

“Tragedy & Comedy”

Tragedy & Comedy is the first CD release and the foundation of Nickel and Dime OPS.  100% live original music of hip hop made with a band of NYC’s great jazz musicians.  The album is all derived from one 3 hour jam session which was recorded during the day time at SMOKE Jazz Club.  Nickel made all the beats for the album from this one jam session and wrote and recorded some of Nickel and Dime OPS hits that include, “Shadow of Man,” “If You Ever Come Back,” and “Candyland”.

Tragedy & Comedy - Nickel Killsmics

“The Journey Of Plato The Orphan”

Nickel’s first solo LP is his 2008 release,”The Journey of Plato the Orphan.”  Nickel produced a majority of the beats from this album which also features production from Tokyo’s Ace One, Miami’s Gianni Cash, and Hartford CT’s ColomBeyond.  The album features such hits as, “The Pizza Boy,” “The Ish,” Text Kisses,” and one of the first great MHB collaborations, “C-4” featuring Citizen Kane and Dik Daztardly.

The Journey of Plato the Orphan - Nickel

“Loose Lips Vol. 2”

In 2009 Nickel releases his second mixtape, “Loose Lips Vol 2. (The Un-Sampleables).”  The idea was to make a mixtape full of beats, made from music that one should never sample due to copyright restrictions and give it away for free!  Beats were made by Nickel and various other producers who sampled many great artists including, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra,The Beetles, Jimi Hendrixm U2, Journey and many more. The hour long LP mixtape also features many great lyrical cameos from MHB. Loose Lips 2 was downloaded all over the globe and is still available for a free download.

“Loose Lips Vol. 1”

In 2007 while waiting for his first official LP to be mixed down, Nickel put together this mixtape packed with crazy lyrics in less than a week.  The release was a standard mixtape in which Nickel jacked all types of industry beats putting down his own renditions to many well known beats.  Loose Lips 1 also features lyrical cameos from The Rukus, Brimstone and Hakim from Channel Live and is rebel music at it’s finest.  Currently the work is out of press but is available for a free download

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