New Gigs, New Videos, Other News. Summer 2104.

Nickel and Dime OPS at Joe's Pub, April 18th 2014.

Nickel and Dime OPS at Joe’s Pub, April 18th 2014.

After finishing off 2013 with a bang, Nickel and Dime OPS picked up 2014 right where they left off. Powering their way through some of NYC’s greatest venues, Zinc Bar, DROM, and the fabled Joe’s Pub this past April. Now with Summer on the horizon, the band sets their collective eyes on the challenges of the upcoming months. In June the band will be making their 3rd appearance in SMOKE’s month long Miles Davis Festival as well as making their Harlem debut at Ginny’s on June’ 7th. In July they will be venturing off to their first out of state festival at the New London Sailfest. More gigs to be announced for later this Summer, stay tuned for the release of “The Cure” music video, plus Nickel and Dime OPS returning to the studio??

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