“The Lemurian Candidate” Available Now Online!

A couple years ago my MHB brother Whichcraft and I decided to do a project together. For years him and I had worked together within the Money Hungry Bastards camp and I always found it a great pleasure to work with this very talented and progressive minded individual. As we began writing and recording it became apparent that this project was going to be special. The beats donated to the cause were of the highest level of boombappery. Lyrically we pushed each other to be the greatest we could be and complimented each other extremely well. Thought provoking concepts filled with esoteric wisdom and metaphorical mastery. Would you expect less? If you are a fan of true hip hop I challenge you to give this EP a chance. If you do not approve I will personally send you a refund check for the $6.94. That’s my guarantee. I invite you to enjoy “The Lemurian Candidate,” by Signz of Life.

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